Our Products

Booking Maganement

  • Search and book for multiple products.
  • Manage booking from requested to confirmed.
  • Cancel, reschedule, manage itinerary.
  • Invoices, Proforma invoices, credit/ debit notes, e-tickets, vouchers, and all other documents.
  • Auto email or manually email the booking documents.

Operation Management

  • Fulfillment of bookings made through travel management system.
  • Easy coordination with suppliers for booking fulfillment.
  • Ease of scheduling and managing jobs and duties of ground staff.

Finance & Accounting

  • Supplier Management & Reconciliation.
  • Account receivables as per Product, client and agent.
  • Auto creation of invoice for company and B2B agent, credit/ debit notes and refund account statements with travel automation software.
  • Account payable as per supplier invoice, payment settlement with suppliers, refund received from supplier.

Package Management

  • Online booking management system to create holiday packages.
  • FIT and Group package.
  • Ease of managing package allocations, itinerary and other details.

Quotation Management

  • Create and manage quotes.
  • Quotation history.
  • Convert quote to booking.


  • Manage own contracts with suppliers.
  • Easily manage allocations, prices.
  • Ease of management of allocations.
  • Ease of management of distribution of the inventory.